The grand final of La MercÚ

Last Monday Michael and I went to see the grand final of La MercÚ. Traditionally, this takes place by the Magic Fountain of Montju´c close to Plaza Espa˝a. The fountain was built in 1929 for the International Exhibition and is the biggest ornamental fountain in Barcelona. The closing event is a Piromusical combining music, lights, water acrobatic and fireworks into a great spectacle.

We decided to leave the house early and walk over Montjuic to enjoy the fantastic views over Barcelona at night.

Michael Montjuic

In the back you can see Tibidabo.

View over Barcelona

Harbour view of Barcelona

We arrived just on time after having climbed onto Montju´c (170 meters difference in altitude) and descending to the other side to Plaza Espa˝a. Michael took stunning photos of the Palau Nacional de Montju´c.

Palau Nacional


It was already extremely busy but we were lucky to get a decent spot close to the fountain. The first moments were dedicated to the victims of the Barcelona terrorist attack that took place in August 2017. The below video shows the emotional moment.

For more than 30 minutes we could watch a fantastic choreography of water, lights and fireworks. It was a truly grand final and if you are in town next year during La MercÚ this is an event you really do not want to miss!

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