GaudÝ┤s Casa Batllˇ – a modernista gem

One of GaudÝ┤s master pieces is certainly Casa Batllˇ – a residential building at the magnificent boulevard, Passeig de GrÓcia, in the Eixample district of Barcelona. Bought in 1900 by industrialist, Josep Batllˇ, GaudÝ was contracted to refurbish the building in 1904. Batllˇ wanted a building that reflected his wealth and social status at that […]

Secret Tip 2: GaudÝ – Torre de Bellesguard

Wow, we found another astonishing building of GaudÝ – off the beaten path in Barcelona┤s neighbourhood of Sant Gervasi. Between 1900-1909 the famous Catalan architect was commissioned to build this manor house “Beautiful View”. He was inspired by the medieval castle,áCasa Figueras, from the early 15th century that belonged to Martin, King of Aragon (Count […]

Secret tip: The Crypt of GaudÝ in Colonia GuŰll

Only 25 minutes away by train from Barcelona you will encounter Colonia GuŰll. The industrial magnate moved his major textile factory to their and had a village built for his workers. He engaged several renown architects among them GaudÝ to build a residential area with a lot of amenities that were very progressive for that […]

Catalan Modernism

Modernisme is an art and literature movement associated with the search for Catalan national identity. The period associated with is was around 1888-1910 and is primarily connected witháCatalonia and Barcelona. In the context of the rapid development and urban changes during the industrial revolution the Catalan elite – politicians, burgoiesie and rich entrepreneurial families – […]

GaudÝ – Casa Vinšens & Park GuŰll Impressions

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