Only 25 minutes away by train from Barcelona you will encounter Colonia Guëll. The industrial magnate moved his major textile factory to their and had a village built for his workers. He engaged several renown architects among them Gaudí to build a residential area with a lot of amenities that were very progressive for that time such as a permanent doctor.

When visiting the village you will come across magnificent modernism buildings: from residential houses to the unfinished church of Gaudī. Only the lower nave was finished after Guëll stopped financing the project in 1914 and Gaudí focused on his top project: La Sagrada Familia.

Modernisme is an art and literature movement associated with the search for Catalan national identity. The period associated with is was around 1888-1910 and is primarily connected with Catalonia and Barcelona. In the context of the rapid development and urban changes during the industrial revolution the Catalan elite – politicians, burgoiesie and rich entrepreneurial families – intensified their efforts to create their own national identity.

Modernisme is a  similar movement like art nouveau or jugendstil. Typical elements are:

  • the use of curves than straight lines
  • dynamic shapes are preferred over static forms
  • rich decoration with floral and other nature motifs
  • materials such as ceramics, mosaic tiles and glass

Famous examples of Catalan modernism are of course the Sagrada Familia, Park Guëll, Casa Mila and Casa Batlló – all by Gaudí who became the most famous architect of his time. Other fantastic buldings are the Palau de la Musica and the Hospital of Sant Pau.

Here are some photos that we took from modernism sites in Barcelona and surroundings:


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Explore the perfect combination for your senses: enjoy a glass of cava together with fine chocolate. We had this wonderful experience in Sant Sadurni d´Anoia. A tour at the premises of a tradition, family run cava maker and premium cava tasting in their backyard. Afterwards we had this fantastic 4 course lunch menu in the best restaurant in the center of the town. And to round off the gourmet experience we visited Chocolatier Simon Coll and learned more about their 140 years of chocolate making art.

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From the Tibidabo mountain range you can enjoy amazing views over Barcelona.











































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Having lost my blog from back then I discovered that a lot of entries still exist on Facebook. So here is what I have recollected:
February 10th, 2010: Carnaval in Vitoria
After a Thursday clubbing night in Vitoria it was finally Carnaval weekend! Late but ultimately we received our costumes. The event started already Friday at around 10pm but we needed to sleep a little bit and then hurried to the venue. It was already very busy with all the samba schools and groups getting prepared for their turns.

Remark 2018: Watch where we are – the proof from Brazilian television:

Each of the Samba schools of the region had one hour to present itself. They composed own music that was played by their own orchestra and dancing by the various groups. Ultimately every school got rated and a winner declared.
Remark 2018: The festivities went on all night until the next noon but at 8 am we were so exhausted we had to go to bed.
February 6th, 2010: Inside the Samba school
Friday afternoon we went to the Samba school of Vila Vilha do get our costumes for the carneval parade. The place was bustling with activity.
It was not really clear to us what was happening and why, but in the end we managed to get our dresses.

Barcelona is more than only a city. With the green massif of Collserola rising above the city, the Montjuic hill and the smaller Parque de Ciutadella it has very attractive green lungs.

Barcelona, Chris und Michi 10

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Having lost my blog from back then I discovered that a lot of entries still exist on Facebook. So here is what I have recollected:

February 4th, 2010: Sightseeing in Rio
Wednesday we spent a very hot day visiting the tourist sights of Rio.
First we went up the hills by mini-bus to inspect the famous statue of Jesus.
Next we went up the sugar loaf mountain by cable-car.
Both trips offered spectacular views over the city, the hills and the sea.

View to the local airport: Santo Dumas

February 5th, 2010: Trip to Vitoria
Flight #4 – Airline #2 – Airports #6 and #7
Flight number 4 took us from Rio‘s Santo Dumas Airport to Vitoria.
It was a short flight of only 40 minutes, but the start was impressive as the runway heads directly towards the famous sugar loaf mountain.
Gustavo rented a Camarote for all the visitors and his family. A Camarote is a sort of VIP lounge directly overlooking the Samba road where the carneval takes place.
Of course it needs to be stocked with the usual supplies, so we went there in the afternoon to deliver drinks and food.

Barcelona Private Guided Tours 04IMG_1563IMG_1560img_2939img_2957IMG_0363img_2174IMG_1041IMG_1066

In 2008 on day 11.5 after having been together for 11.5 years we got married on a boat in Amsterdam. So today we will be celebrating! Have a nice weekend!


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