Having settled!

Finally we are having internet again at home – it does not matter in which country you are but if you have a technical problem with a telecom company it can be quite a nightmare! As Orange was not able to fix the problem we had to change to Movistar. But getting us connected again was also a challenge for them and cost us a lot of (waiting) time. So from now on I can regularly post on the blog.

My Spanish class has started and I subscribed to the school “BCN LIP” around the corner. Everyday I have classes from 9.30h-11.30h and 14.00h-15.30h. I love the atmosphere and the different teachers are great. Definitely a language school to be recommended!


Also we have signed up for a gym: the Club Natació Atlètic-Barceloneta by the beach has two outdoor swimming pools, indoor gym and sports clasesses. Currently I am focussing on swimming because of my back problems. The views are stunning:



Further impression from the beach these days:





2 Comments on “Having settled!

  1. I am really proud of all the things you do!
    Learn, enjoy, make new friends and keep the old friends informed of everything you are doing. Hope to come over and be part of this great experience! x Maaike


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