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Wine region Catalonia

Catalonia as a wine region is especially famous for its Cava. In Germany Freixenet has become one of the most famous foreign brands for this sparkling wine. Other well known wineries are Codorníu or Torres. Our Catalan friend Bernat actually recommended us a different winery and brought us there: Adernats – Vinicola de Nulles.

In the early 20th century – after that the phylloxera plague had devastated many grapevines – the wine making families of Nulles decided to join forces by unifying their resources and knowledge into the Sant Isidre´s trade union. Together they built a new wine cellar: the Nulles Wine Cathedral.


The beautiful Wine Cathedral designed by Cèsar Martinell (scholar of Gaudí) is one of the greatest exponents of the modernist movement. We got a very lively tour around the cathedral just before the dinner started.

For the five course dinner we were seated between the arches of the cathedral providing a very special ambience. The food came from a local Nulles restaurant and was exquisite. During the evening we had to compete in a wine tasting contest and as Michael and I were the only foreigners at our table we were the chosen ones. Well, I gladly volunteered 🙂 After the dinner and plenty of wine we filled up our stocks in their shop: we bought Cava, Vermouth and Rose wine.

The whole experience was truly amazing. Thank you, Bernat!




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