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Picturesque Tarragona (3)

We finished our weekend in Tarragona with spending the Sunday on the beach. Playa Llarga is a good choice. It has a long sand beach that also invites for a nice walk along the water. If you are willing to walk for even 30 minutes you can also reach a small natural bay where we went last year already. However, this day we were lazy and just enjoyed the short distance from the parking lot to our beach spot.


After a nice sun bath we dragged ourselves to the nearby beach restaurant. The tapas were exquisite, the Cava was very resfreshing 🙂 Make sure you take the downstairs restaurant (Iot Restaurante, Carretera Platja Llarga, s/n, 43007 Tarragona) which is much better quality then the upstairs restaurant.


We found Tarragona very relaxing and in case you do not want to spend your vacation in crowded Barcelona, it is definitely a place that can be recommended!

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