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Last Sunday we went out of town with my former manager, George. He was my manager at SAP when I worked in Barcelona in 2011 and 2012. George suggested to go to the Montseny mountain range which we did not know yet. The drive took us about one hour (about 45km to the North) to arrive close to the top of the highest mountain. From the parking lot we walked up and… Read More

Valencia feels like a smaller version of Barcelona but as it was not as overcrowded with tourists like Barcelona you have much more often an authentic feeling. During days we spend there we discovered many sites. One of the highlights was the Llotja de la SedaLlotja de la Seda, a Gothic building of the 15th century that served as the silk exchange. The modernist style market hall, the Mercat Central, is a… Read More

We travelled to Valencia by using Blabla Car – it is a car sharing app where you can book a seat in a car of a private person that is travelling to the same destination. Mireia (23 years old) and her dog drove us from Torrevieja (where she works) to Valencia (where she lives with her girlfriend). It was fun getting to know local people and actually I could practice my Spanish… Read More

On November, 15th we flew to Alicante. At the airport my former QAD colleague, Victoria, picked us up. Victoria and I worked together about 12 years ago and fortunately we never lost contact. I remember wild dances in our house in Amsterdam (our poor wooden floor) or at her places in Delft (her poor table) 🙂 In August at our farewell party in Amsterdam we had agreed that we will come to… Read More

Industry 4.0, Web 3.0, and now Clubbing 2.0 – last night in Valencia while Michael and I went out I experienced something I am not sure about if it was a single happening or will become a successful trend and – because being in my 24th year of clubbing – it gets more difficult to adapt to change. I am familiar with the concept of silent disco where everybody gets a headset… Read More

Throughout the last weeks Michael took a lot of impressive photos of Barcelona.  

Visiting the Akropolis reminded me very much of our first trip to Lebanon in 2008 which was also our first trip to the Middle East. Especially, our excursion to Baalbek in the Beqaa Valley located between Beirut and Damascus in Syria (the latter we visited in 2009 on our second trip to the Middle East – but that is another story). The area of the valley has continuously been inhabited for more… Read More

On Sunday all the historic sites were open to the public free of charge. So we joined the masses climbing up the Akropolis. People had settled already about 5000 years ago on this hill, however, its current remains have been built in the 5th century BC by Perikles. the most famous site is the Parthenon, a former temple dedicated to the goddess Athena. Whilst the Greek and Romans maintained the building well,… Read More

The night was long, the drinks were strong, we sang along, it did not feel wrong… Hungover we strolled aimlessly through Monastiraki the next day and managed to hop from one café to another. In the evening we met Nikos for dinner in Psiri before heading together to the Gazi nightlife again.

After having enjoyed a long night of sleep and an extensive breakfast buffet in the hotel we started walking. The first stop was the Hellenic Parliament located in the Old Royal Palace at the Syntagma square. After a quick stop at a local barber shop and with fashionable hair and impeccable beards we started climbing up Mount Lycabettus passing through a gorgeous residential neighbourhood with the same name. On top of Mount Lycabettus… Read More

From November 2-6 Michael and I were in Athens. Our friend from Amsterdam, Nikos, is currently back in his home town for a 9 months project and we took the opportunity to visit him and finally make it for the very first time in our lives to Athens and to Greece! Our flight from Barcelona via Rome was pleasant. From the airport we took the train to the city center and arrived… Read More

Yesterday Michael and I celebrated that we have been spending more than half of my life together: 20 years and 11 months. We celebrated the special moment with a big glass of Ouzo in a Greek taverna in Athens! Blog over Athens will follow soon!

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