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Athens – Day 2: Mount Lycabettus

After having enjoyed a long night of sleep and an extensive breakfast buffet in the hotel we started walking. The first stop was the Hellenic Parliament located in the Old Royal Palace at the Syntagma square.


After a quick stop at a local barber shop and with fashionable hair and impeccable beards we started climbing up Mount Lycabettus passing through a gorgeous residential neighbourhood with the same name.


On top of Mount Lycabettus you suddenly realize the vastness of Athens. It is stretched out into all directions with rather low buildings with predominantly white colours shining in the sun. Below is the breathtaking view to the Akropolis and in the back the harbour of Pireus.


On the way back we met Nikos in the six d.o.g.s, a green oasis in the middle of the city. Also this hipster place was very crowded with locals enjoying a pleasant afternoon. And at the latest after our visit here we were captivated by the vibe of Athens.


Towards the evening we returned to the hotel in order to rest before discovering the Athens nightlife.

Monastiraki Square by nightfall

Refreshed after a nap we had a moment of celebration in another Greek tavern, this time in the Gazi neighbourhood: I have reached the milestone of having spent more than half of my life with Michael.

The Gazi is the one of the cool places to be in Athens. It is full of restaurants, cafes and music. It is located around the old city gas-works which has been turned into a museum and cultural center.


The Ouzo was just the start of a loooooong night…

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  1. Congratulations on the milestone. This post brought back a good memory of our past trip to Athens and walking up Mount Lycabettus. Love the view from the top.

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