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Beautiful Valencia – Part 2

Valencia feels like a smaller version of Barcelona but as it was not as overcrowded with tourists like Barcelona you have much more often an authentic feeling. During days we spend there we discovered many sites.


One of the highlights was the Llotja de la SedaLlotja de la Seda, a Gothic building of the 15th century that served as the silk exchange.


The modernist style market hall, the Mercat Central, is a must see.


Interior photo taken from Wikipedia

We also climbed up one of the city gates, the Torres de Quart, late gothic military archicture, completed in 1460. You can still see the impact of the canon balls that were fired on Valencia during the War of Spanish Succession.


The magnificent cupola of the Main Post Office building (Correos)
Inside the patio of one of the University buildings
The central train station celebrating 100 years
The Cathedral Tower
The Rococo facade of the Palace of the Marquis of Dos Aguas


Valencia City Impressions
Valencia City Impressions

IMG_1169The weather was lovely all the time and in the sun it was hot – so we could have breakfast on a terrace 🙂

Today is actually the first day of rain here in Barcelona after many, many weeks. The lakes further inside the country are empty and it was announced already that in case of a further extended draught a water saving programme will need to be implemented during the next two weeks. Let´s hope today´s rain helped to alleviate the current situation.

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