Our Barcelona adventure and other travel stories

Hiking in Montseny

Last Sunday we went out of town with my former manager, George. He was my manager at SAP when I worked in Barcelona in 2011 and 2012. George suggested to go to the Montseny mountain range which we did not know yet. The drive took us about one hour (about 45km to the North) to arrive close to the top of the highest mountain. From the parking lot we walked up and had a super view at an altitude of 1712 meters. From the top you can see Barcelona´s Tibidabo and even the W hotel as well as the iconic mountain of the Montserrat monastery.

For roughly two and a half hours we hiked and climbed on top of the range and enjoyed the very sunny but fresh weather. Whilst we had 17°C in Barcelona on top of the mountain it was only 5°C with a light wind. Luckily we had to climb up and down and over rocks and roots which kept us warm! After the hike we finished the afternoon with an extended lunch menu at one of the local restaurants – home made food and an abundance of wine inclusive.



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