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Looking back: Venezuela 2007 (3)

Michael was completely hung over when we had to travel further. We had booked a trip to an indigenous village called Kavac. Well, it was a replica of an indigenous village built for tourists. So, in the morning we stepped into the Cesna again together with two American girls who had to join us as there were no sleeping places left in Canaima. Something went wrong with their booking apparently and thus they were moved to the other village with us.

IMG_2918IMG_2917IMG_2829IMG_2833 The flight was very pleasant again and we could enjoy the beautiful landscape, Michael a little less though… As we approached Kavac we suddenly realized that we will land on a natural runway – this was really exciting as we never did that before. So, slightly worried we descended to the ground.


We made it safely – actually the touch down was not much different than with another plane – apparently Cesnas are made for these kind of runways 🙂

We were welcomed by an indigenous man and his wife who both only spoke Spanish. Luckily one of the American girls was Puerto Rican and could help out with the communication. The village comprised no more than 20 huts – the main one serving as the restaurant. The two American girls, Michael and I were the only guests in the middle of nowhere and after dinner had been served the couple announced that they would drive home to a village about 30 km away leaving us in a ghost village without means of communication nor knowing where we really were. Now that was thrilling!


But before dinner time we had an afternoon excursion. Michael had to stay behind to sleep off his hang over and missed a hike in the surroundings of the village to a hidden waterfall.

IMG_2882IMG_2884IMG_2871The guide, the Americans and I walked along a river for quite a while until we came to a spot where we had to step into the river and had to hold on to a cable to enter a canyon.

IMG_2857IMG_2872IMG_2864At the end of a canyon we reached a little lagoon where a river dropped over a cliff. It was the most wonderful experience to discover this place! Unfortunately the photos I tried to take closer to the lagoon were not good as the water sprayed so much onto the lens of the camera.

On the way back our guide showed us a sacred place where an angel was supposed to fall from the sky.

IMG_2873The angel fell and left her marks in the stone: two round wholes where her breasts touched the ground…

When back in the camp we had dinner, Michael woke up from the dead for a while and then our lonely night in the wilderness started. Actually, I just closed the door of our hut and tried not to think about what may be out there 🙂

Luckily the night was eventless and we met the American girls for breakfast before we started to another excursion with guide. Unfortunately, I forgot his name but he was truly amiable and especially funny.

We were taken to another waterfall, this time where we also could go swimming.

IMG_2909IMG_2891IMG_2897The special character of this waterfall was a natural slide leading into a basin just before the abyss where you could swim.

IMG_2905IMG_2906IMG_2908 We spent an enjoyable hour, feeling like happy children in a paradise, before heading back to the village where we would be collected and flown to Ciudad Bolivar. Looking back and after having travelled in so many regions of this world afterwards I still believe that the Canaima Natural Park is one of the most marvelous parts of this planet.

Simon Bolivar, the liberator of South America
Ciudad Bolivar with the grand Orinoco River in the back


The massive Orinoco River

We stayed overnight in Ciudad Bolivar which was our final stop of our third voyage to Venezuela. Ten years later I would love to go back again. Venezuela is always in my heart. But at the moment it is impossible. The country has been ruined by the Chavista government, poverty has risen to the extreme, the inflation per year is 1000% and it has the highest murder rate in the world now.

However, somehow I know I will return one day. There is still one great adventure left: Los Llanos.



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