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Barcelona Winter Impressions

We kicked off the New Year in Barcelona with a lunch on the beach on January 3 with incredibly sunny 22 degrees. Our favourite beach restaurant: Ca La Nuri.


We even had two more days above 22 degrees and a couple of mild days – but finally rain came after the extreme dry autumn where we were close to water rationing.

Michael joined a running group in January whereas Chris went back to his roots and joined a ping pong club. Also we are back to Salsa classes which are a lot of fun.



Next to those activities January was very sportive. Michael went 3 times a week swimming and summed up 20 km. I went 3 times per week to the gym and swimming once a week. All those activities combined with an adjustment in our nutrition led to quick results: loss weight and and building up muscles.

But no only did we take care of our bodies but also our minds. Michael intensified his Spanish classes and we spend a lovely evening in the Palau de la Musica. For Christmas I got tickets for the New Year´s concert – Strauss´popular waltzes and marches.


Body, mind, culture – January was also the month of partying… (to be continued)

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