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Hiking in Montserrat

We left the Pyrenees Friday evening together with our friends and as we still had the rental car Michael and I decided to drive to Montserrat on Saturday after having dropped off Ingo and Peter at the airport.

Montserrat is the world famous monastery an hour drive away from Barcelona. It is situated in the mountain and you can reach it by cable car or by car. Founded in the 10th century it is still functioning.



It was our third visit to Montserrat and finally we had good weather and could go hiking in the iconic mountain. Starting at an altitude of 740m we climbed down to Santa Cova, a religious shrine built into the rocks.

Santa Cova shrine can be seen in the back on the right

Walking down the pilgrimage path you will find many religious scenarios.


After a visit to the chapel we continued a small natural path around and up to the top of the mountain.



After 90 minutes of climbing up and arriving to the upper cable car station we felt challenged by the iconic rocks and decided to go to the top of one of them.



On the very top (1200 meters) we could enjoy an amazing view. The weather was incredible – after having spent a few days in the snow, the sun felt so good and it was possible to walk in t-short.

We continued a full round on the mountain after having climbed down from the rock and returned to the monastery – extremely tired after 5 hours of hiking in an altitude between 600m and 1200m.

We will come back for some more!!!


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