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Amazing Yosemite (1)

Last Tuesday we arrived to San Francisco and immediately took a rental car so we could drive to the Yosemite National Park. Yosemite is one of the most famous US national parks and just about a 4 hour drive East of San Francisco. We spent a full day in the park and it was such an amazing time!

Luckily there are visionaries in this world that are ahead of their time. Abraham Lincoln was the first president who declared the valley of Yosemite as protected area in 1864. Later John Muir was able to convince President Roosevelt to protect an even larger natural area. With this the first US national park was born. Once you escape from the touristic main road (a two lane one-way road that runs in a circle through the valley) you can discover the treasures of this magnificent natural park.

The Famous “Tunnel View” of Yosemite

We parked the car on a parking space at the end of the valley that is accessible by vehicles and wanted to go for a shorter walk – however, we were so much taken by the whole area that we finally ended up with doing a hike of more than five hours.

Luckily we noticed the signs on the car park explaining the precautions you have to take against bears as they still live freely in the nature in Yosemite. It is important to follow the rules in order not to make bears used to human food – they easily get addicted and become aggressive once having tasted what humans eat.


Our original destination was the Vernal Falls – however, soon we decided to even climb up to the Nevada Falls. From the car park at 1200m altitude we gradually climbed up thus to 1800m. A few signs help to find the way. We had no rain that day but the clouds made the lighting for taking photos somewhat difficult. Nevertheless, Michael took many amazing photographs.

IMG_2949IMG_2999IMG_2987 2IMG_3023

The higher we got the more spectacular the views got. Only topped by the sight of a bear along the way. It was approximately 10 meters away from the hiking path. Friendly looking and being in the middle of its lunch it hardly cared if we passed by. When a few more people approached Michael was able to make below awesome snapshot:

IMG_3005 2

As the bear was not a fully grown one yet, and on the other hand also not a young one anymore where his mother could be around (and lead to a potentially dangerous situation) – we continued our way with a good feeling.

Eventually, we made it to the top part and were rewarded with breathtaking sights.

Nevada Falls in the back




…to be continued.

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