Our Barcelona adventure and other travel stories

Amazing Yosemite (2)

We arrived to the Nevada Falls after a quite tiring climb of 600 meters in altitude. As we had not planned to go on a longer hike we had no water or snacks with us. Too bad! The top of Nevada Falls is the perfect pick-nick spot.


The water drops a 180m here at Nevada Falls.




Behind me the water curtain of the Vernal Fall (100m drop)


After more than five hours we reached the car and were quite happy to have our first break. The bears did not steal our bananas nor our water (we had stowed it away according to the rules).

Like for the first night our accomodation for the second night was located just outside the park. After some Mexican food we were happy to call it a day and rest before heading to San Francisco the next day…. to be continued.

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