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San Francisco – Home #4

It was my tenth visit to San Francisco – for me it is like home no. 4 (after Dortmund, Amsterdam and Barcelona). The outline of the city on the hills, the skyline (now added with the Salesforce Tower) and of course the Golden Gate Bridge are all remarkable features.

Having visited several other major cities in the USA, like New York, Los Angeles or Washington I also value the laid back and liberal atmosphere that you can easily compare to an Amsterdam.

Its general geographic situation to many other interesting areas like Yosemite (4 hours drive), wine country (2 hours) and Silicon Valley (2 hours) offer so many possibilities for trips out of town so that you can easily spend an extensive holiday in the Bay Area.

So here are a few highlights what we did during this year´s visit:

TESLA tour, test drive and trying TURO

As Michael is a fanatic with TESLA cars he managed to get us tickets for a factory tour in Fremont. In one of the many online Forums he is following somebody helped him arranging those tickets who are very difficult to obtain. To get there in style Michael also rented us a brand new TESLA Model 3. As there are no rental car companies at the moment who offer any TESLAS he used a new shared economy platform called TURO, where private car owners can rent out their cars to other people and earn money with it.

We had already a test drive in a Model S in Amsterdam a few years ago and also used several times the Tesla taxis to the Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam, however we never had a Tesla available for a full day that even had the autopilot function. For me it was quite unnerving to see the car operating on its own at a speed of 100km/h in the middle of the rush hour with frequent stop and go´s. But in the end the technology is very promising and I guess you need to trust it and overcome certain fears one may have with new technology. In the end I call this progress in the ever changing world.



APPLE adventure

Taking advantage of our dashy red Model 3 we drove to the new Apple headquarters with its flashy visitor center (what a design!). Unfortunately, you cannot get onto the new campus, so a photo shoot from the visitor center had to do.



The Apple Visitor Center

Bike the Bridge

One of our favourite activities is to rent bicycles in San Francisco and bike the Golden Gate Bridge and further to Tiburon which is a good 30 km ride. With perfect weather condition (22°C) we enjoyed the day out of town and returned in the evening by ferry to San Francisco. This is a must-do activity!


IMG_3186 2

San Francisco Salsa Sunday 

Another recurring event we visited was the Salsa Sunday at El Rio down in the Mission. This LGBT party has been running for 33 years! Finally we could practice a bit our Salsa skills as we have been taking classes in Barcelona since the beginning of this year. Olé!


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