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Splendid Cava and Chocolate

Cava is the protected name for sparkling wine that is produced in Catalonia – its production process is similar to Champagne, however, more reasonably priced than the French one. Sant Sadurni d´Anoia is the town – just 45 minutes away from Barcelona – where 90% of the Cava production takes place.

So, for the 75th birthday of Michael´s father we planned a surprise day in the wine area. We could easily get there by train (45 minutes, 2,70 Euro per person one way ticket) and our first destination was a 15 minutes walk away from the train station. Sant Sadurni is also home of Freixenet – the largest Cava producer for the German market and since recently also 100% owned by Henkell, part of Dr. Oetker (Germany) – we passed quickly by their huge facilities for Cava mass production before arriving to Giró i Giró.

Giró i Giró


Giró i Giró is a traditional family run winery (since 1926) that only produces 60,000 bottles per year. After an excellent private tour through their premises and their storage place we got a better understanding of the fermentation and bottling process.


The next highlight was the Cava tasting – we were able to try out 6 different exquisite ecological Cavas, several of them have received renowned medals (such as the SELECTE 2008). Giró i Giró has  a lovely courtyard where to host the wine tasting. On weekends it is even possible to rent a spot at the barbecue. You only pay 9 Euro and get a bottle of Cava with it and can bring your own food for the day. This is great offer and lots of families from Barcelona and the surroundings take advantage of this for a family get together.


Restaurant El Centre

Quite tipsy we continued to the fantastic Restaurant El Centre in the middle of the sleepy town of Sant Sadurni. It was an amazing experience and I can only confirm how they present themselves on their website: “The textures, colors and flavors are paramount in our dishes, cooked with the best ingredients of Catalan cuisine and continuing to advance with our own proposals of the season, an environment designed to satisfy all the senses.”

We had a 4-course menu with an excellent service and per person half a bottle of Cava or wine for stunning 22 Euro. Merrily and with high spirits we left the restaurant to continue to the final part of this day trip out of Barcelona.


Simón Coll Xocolaters

Just a few streets further we entered the chocolate museum of Simón Coll Xocolaters, producer of artisan chocolate since 1840. Next to getting a glimpse into their production process, they also provided a fine explanation of the origin of cacao and its fermentation process. We also learned: Combine Cava and Chocolate for a gourmet experience!



Sant Sadurni d´Anoia

Before heading back to the station we strolled a little bit through the sleepy town – being the center of Cava production in the whole world! Enjoy some snapshots and stay tuned, we are busy with packaging this into a The Barcelona Feeling private tour!


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