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World Trip: 2. Brazil – Rio & Vitoria

Having lost my blog from back then I discovered that a lot of entries still exist on Facebook. So here is what I have recollected:

February 4th, 2010: Sightseeing in Rio
Wednesday we spent a very hot day visiting the tourist sights of Rio.
First we went up the hills by mini-bus to inspect the famous statue of Jesus.
Next we went up the sugar loaf mountain by cable-car.
Both trips offered spectacular views over the city, the hills and the sea.
View to the local airport: Santo Dumas
February 5th, 2010: Trip to Vitoria
Flight #4 – Airline #2 – Airports #6 and #7
Flight number 4 took us from Rio‘s Santo Dumas Airport to Vitoria.
It was a short flight of only 40 minutes, but the start was impressive as the runway heads directly towards the famous sugar loaf mountain.
Gustavo rented a Camarote for all the visitors and his family. A Camarote is a sort of VIP lounge directly overlooking the Samba road where the carneval takes place.
Of course it needs to be stocked with the usual supplies, so we went there in the afternoon to deliver drinks and food.

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