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World Trip: 5. The first days in Buenos Aires

On Monday, February 8th we arrived finally to Buenos Aires – the place we chose to spend about 2 months in order to learn Spanish. A driver brought us directly to our apartment in Palermo which was luckily as described on the internet and according to the photos we saw. We immideately liked the neighbourhood – a nice street with a pedestrian area and lots of cafes and restaurants. First task was to go to the supermarket to fill our kitchen…

On Tuesday we met Michaels ex-colleague Bibiana and her daughter for lunch in the fancy new docklands of Buenos Aires. 

All week we were kind of lazy after the exciting week in Brazil and were looking forward to cook and dine and relax in the new apartment. We managed to check for gyms and language schools in the neighbourhood and after test lessons at 2 schools we decided to go with one – it is just 1 block away in walking distance. Just perfect!

Wednesday and Friday we went clubbing – eating out, bars and clubbing start as late as in Spain – so before 22.00h the restaurants are empty, the bars only get busy after 0.30h and the clubs after 2.30 am. The next day usually you are just knackered…

Our metro stop

On Sunday then we finally started discovering the city and went to one of the major city attraction: the cemetery. Famous people like Evita and most of the Argentinian presidents are buried there – you can peak into the densely built tombs and see all the coffins that have been placed for eternal peace. We found it actually quite spooky as we haven‘t seen anything similar before: a real necropolis!

La Recoleta Cemetery


Buenos Aires cemetery


Many tombs are open and you can have a glimpse into them


The tomb of famous Evita

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