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World Trip: 6. Buenos Aires – 2nd week

Our Spanish class started on Monday. Michael joined a beginners class, Christian an advanced beginners class. Both classes only comprise two students so it is very intense. The school „Vamos Spanish!“ is just one block away and it takes us only 2 minutes to walk there – very convenient.


Out teacher Marisol in the middle


Our teacher Ivana in the middle

We also found a gym close by called Megatlon – it is within the shopping center Alto Palermo just 5 minutes walking distance to our apartment. We were really active and went there 4 times that week after our spanish lessons. So body and mind were well trained!

Tuesday our friend Bibiana invited us for dinner. Bibiana used to work together with Michael in Hoofddorp and has been together with her 2nd husband from the Netherlands for 13 years. After she quit with Bentley she moved back to Argentina and her husband is now most of the time with her here. It was such a beautiful evening on their quiet patio in the middle of the city!

As we went out on Wednesday night and did not get much sleep we were really tired after classes on Thursday. We managed to have a nice lunch outside on a terrace close by and were surprised how cheap it was for us: 2 main dishes, a basket with bread, a large bottle of mineral water and a full bottle of white wine: 16 Euro in total for both together. Wow!

Afterwards we had to nap 5 hours…

Friday we went out again but Christian started to get a cold which further developed during the weekend. Thus we had a quiet weekend and used the Saturday and Sunday for walking in the city and do some sightseeing.

Avenida 9 De Julio
Buenos Aires

Saturday we started our tour at the Obelisco and walked to Plaza Mayor where you can find a lot of important buildings. We went into the Cathedral (18th century) and coincidentally saw the closing ceremony of the tombs of the national hero: San Martin. General San Martin cared for the independence of Argentina from Spain 200 years ago (1810). the two soldiers guarding the tomb were formally collected by 5 more soldiers and they all walked back to the Casa Rosada, the president´s palace.
We followed there and saw that it was possible to enter as tourists and got a guided tour around the building. Unfortunately the battery of our camery went low when we were in there so we have to go back and take more pictures. We felt the Evita spirit everywhere and stood on the balcony where she famously waved to the Argentinan people during her husband´s reign.


Guard change at Casa Rosada


Guard change inside Casa Rosada


Explanations during the tour around Casa Rosada


Catedral Metropolitana de Buenos Aires


Catedral Metropolitana de Buenos Aires


Catedral Metropolitana de Buenos Aires


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