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Hiking in Siurana (Priorat)

During this summer we did a couple of out of town trips and discovered beautiful areas in Catalonia. As Michael read how amazing the Priorat area was supposed to be we decided to rent a car and drive there on a Saturday and find out on our own.

So about a 1:45 hours drive to the South of Barcelona, not too far from Tarragona, we arrived to the comarca (county) that is only scarcely populated. The region of about 500 square kilometres  (about 200 square miles) has only 9.500 inhabitants spread among 23 villages. So you can imagine that all of those villages are pretty small being the biggest with Falset (2.800 inhabitants). The region is especially known for its high quality wines certified under D.O.Q. Priorat and under D.O. Montsant. Also the olive oil production is important economic sector.

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I had found a wonderful aerial foto on the internet when researching where to go, so Siurana would be our final destination: a little village on the top of a mountain platform. As it was possible to hike up the mountain, we decided to leave the car in Cornudella de Montsant – 1:15 hours walking distance.

The walk led us through vinyards, a nearly empty reservoir, over hills and in the end up the old Moorish street to the little village.

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Siurana is a village with a more than 1000 years history. Within its medieval boundaries only 30 people are actually living there. It used to be a strategic watch post with a castle on top for the whole area and also it was the last stronghold of the Moors before they were driven out of Catalonia about 800 years ago.

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We had 3-course lunch in the middle of the village before we discovered the rest of Siurana like the church (see next blog post) and the amazing views around.

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This last foto shows the amazing panoramic view you can have in Siurana. The village is located on this platform on the rock. The cliff is about 300 meters. In the back you can see the reservoir which was quite empty. The rock formation in the back on the right is very popular among professional climbers. Priorat ranks among the best climbing areas in the whole world.

For wine lovers this is the perfect region. In every village you can tase and buy wine accompanied with food of you like. Priorat is the only other wine region next to La Rioja with a high quality label D.O.Q. –  Denominació d’Origen Qualificada. Its wine making history goes back as far as the 12th century!

We will certainly come back and stay a weekend in this beautiful region in the near future.

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