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The church of Siurana

High on top of the mountain platform, you can find the church of Siurana from the 12th century. It was built in Romanesque style and is located just a few meters away from a 240 meters cliff.

It was officially mentioned in a papal document of 25 of March 1154. As already written in the last blog post (Hiking in Siurana), the village was of strategic importance with its castle on top to guard the surrounding area. With building a Christian church in Siurana the re-christianization of Catalonia was also completed.

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The medieval village of Siurana is absolutely picturesque. Nowadays only 35 people are living on top of this mountain plateau. It is only a 1,5 hours walk away from Cornudella de Montsant where you can easily park your car.

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In the far back you can see the reservoir, Riu Siurana, which only carried little water when we visited. The whole area is very popular among rock climbers from all over the world due to the many excellent climbing sites with a high degree of difficulty.

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Inside the church

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Most of the windows are only cut into the wall. The church itself is made of precisely cut stones.

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Above the church portal you can find a semicircular tympanum showing the crucified Christ in its middle. On both sides of his head are the sun and moon as a sign of his universal rule and – as sovereign symbols – two lions. Below the stretched arms you will see the apostles.

Christian´s Ritual

Christian´s ritual is to light a candle in every new church he is visiting. See below what he has to tell.

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“One of my rituals is to light a candle when visiting a new church. Since my childhood I have been used to do that together with my grandmother, especially whilst on our many Italy holidays with the whole family.  She is 90 now and will soon come to Barcelona again where I am sure I will find another church where we both can light a candle as we did 30 years ago.”

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