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Magic Nights at Gaudí´s Casa Batlló

This summer we have visited twice Gaudí´s master piece, Casa Batlló, at the magnificent boulevard of Passeig de Gràcia in Barcelona´s district of Eixample. During the summer months they organize every evening the popular Magic Nights.

When purchasing tickets for this event you will not only get entrance to the museum to discover the house but also afterwards you will be able to enjoy an intimate live concert on the roof top of the building. Starting around sunset the location also offers great views.

Barcelona Private Tours Gaudi Casa Battlo 08

In above photo you can see the iconic Montjuic hill, Barcelona´s green lung. On the far right you can spot the Calatrava telecom tower built for the 1992 Olympic Games. The tower became the symbol of the new post-Olympic Barcelona.

Barcelona Private Tours Gaudi Casa Battlo 11

The tickets for the Magic nights do not only include the museum and the live concert but also two free drinks – from Cava to Vermouth or non-alcoholic if you prefer. In the above photo Christian is standing in front of the legendary roof of Casa Batlló – resembling the back of a dragon.

Barcelona Private Tours Gaudi Casa Battlo 12

The back of the dragon is actually pierced by the sword of Sant Jordi (on the right of the above photo) – Catalonia´s patron saint who rescued a young lady from being eaten by a fierce dragon that lived in the countryside of Barcelona. Watch out for one of the next blog posts explaining the significance of the Sant Jordi legend.

Barcelona Private Tours Gaudi Casa Battlo 10

The chimneys of Casa Batlló are decorated with Gaudí´s famous mosaic technique called trencadís. The architect usually used shards of glass or ceramics to decorate his objects. If you are interested in learning more about the technique I recommend you the unique experience of The Barcelona Feeling and Mosaiccos: Feel like Gaudí – Tour & Workshop.

Barcelona Private Tours Gaudi Casa Battlo 07

Michael enjoyed the live concert of a Catalan band and the atmospheric setting a lot. It is great to see that they give local artists an opportunity to perform. Carmen Porcar, a Barcelona-born singer and songwriter who covered classics and modern songs with a touch of blues, soul and jazz.

The tickets are limited and the crowd is actually quite mixed. Casa Batlló offers a 50% discount on their tickets for residents. This way the whole event does not feel like a tourist attraction at all.

Barcelona Private Tours Gaudi Casa Battlo 13

Barcelona Private Tours Gaudi Casa Battlo 15

During our September visit we saw a Flamenco and classical dance show: Olga Ponce, accompanied by guitarists Sergi Vicente and Juan Ruano. They performed pieces that ranged from Renaissance music to contemporary composers, lovingly playing a concert formed by Spanish music. They truly filled the terrace with magic!



What to do in Barcelona

The Barcelona Feeling offers a comprehensive introduction to the art movement of Modernism with a focus on the famous architect Gaudí but also including important Catalan contemporaries. During a two-hours walking tour you will discover the highlights along the magnificent boulevard of Passeig de Gracia. Learn more about this private walking tour: Gaudí & Barcelona Legends.

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