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Top 4 Barcelona beach restaurants

When strolling along the beautiful water front of Barcelona you can encounter a variety of great beach restaurants. So where to eat at Barcelona beach? Let me tell you about my top 4 favourites that offer fantastic lunch and dinner menus.

Ca La Nuri Restaurant (Passeig Marítim de la Barceloneta, 55, 08005 Barcelona)

This is my absolute favourite because of the following reasons: Firstly, their outside terrace is located directly on the beach. Nothing is restricting your view to the water. Secondly, the quality of food and wine is fantastic. Thirdly, their three-course lunch menu for 21 Euro including a drink and bread basket offers great value for money. Recommendable is the lasagne as a starter and the mossels (if available). Try the Catalan Fideuà that is much more local than Paella!

Great view, terrace directly on the sand


Torre de Alta Mar (Passeig de Joan de Borbó, 88, 08039 Barcelona)

This upmarket restaurant is located in the beach tower of the cable car going up the Montjuic hill. The nine-course menu is a great choice and even topped with the wine pairing option. Great quality and service. We have been here for our 10th wedding anniversary in May 2018 and were not only overwhelmed by the food but also by the views. For a dinner for 2 you should calculate between 200-300 Euro.

Barcelona beach restaurant 04.jpg
Photo by Torre de Alta Mar
Photo taken during our 10th wedding anniversary


Xiroi Ca La Nuri (Passeig Marítim de la Nova Icària, 38, 08005 Barcelona)

As you can guess from its name this restaurant is the sister of the previous restaurant. Equally good but cheaper. You will have to walk a little further though to reach it at Playa Nova Icària. Here you get the same value for 5 Euros less. A three-course menu costs 15,50 Euro including a drink and a basket of bread. The service is attentive. Great walk from the historic center to here along the sea side. It will probably take you 45 minutes at a slow pace.


Shôko Restaurant and Lounge Club (Passeig Marítim de la Barceloneta, 36, 08003 Barcelona)

Shôko is located at Barceloneta beach like Ca La Nuri. Though it is much more touristy it offers a decent lunch menu for 17,50 Euro including three courses, bread, a drink and even coffee. Once in a while you get lucky and receive a glass of Cava as an aperitif on the house.

Barcelona Beach Restaurant 03.jpg
Photo by Jetset Report



Did you know? Shanty towns at the beach front

Actually, it is quite difficult to imagine that the sea front used to be the poorest area of Barcelona while nowadays it is occupied by masses of tourists generating an important income for the city of Barcelona.

The water front of Barcelona was redesigned just prior to the Olympic Games of 1992. The result is what you see nowadays: a beautiful (artificial) sand beach close to the city center with amazing views of the Mediterranean.

However, this had not always been the case. Up to the 1960s the water front was occupied with shanty towns – densely populated slums that were extremely poor, dangerous and with a high mortality rate. Somorrostro for example was one of them. Most of the people were forced to resettle – often to other shanty towns in Barcelona when the first part of the beach front was created during the 60s.

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Food & Drinks: Pinchos in Poble Sec

Barcelona Food Tour Pinchos 03.jpg
Typical Pinchos in Poble Sec

Try these small tapas that have become very popular in Barcelona: A slice of baguette with a topping connected to a cocktail stick (pincho).

You will find many terraces in the pedestrian area in the street Calle Blai in the neighbourhood of Poble Sec.



Wine Tour: Exclusive Cava & Chocolate Experience

Cava – the Catalan Champaign

Cava and Chocolate are the tradition in Catalonia. Learn about the production of both fine products during a day trip out if town.

Taste exclusive ecological Cava and enjoy a fantastic lunch in the best restaurant in the village of Sant Sadurni, only 45 minutes away from Barcelona.




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