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Barcelona Day Trip: Hiking in the Natural Park of Collserola

The Parc Natural de la Serra de Collserola forms the natural borders of Barcelona to the West. Most famous is the Tibidabo mountain range from where you have an amazing view over the city towards the sea.

Collserola Natural Park

For the huge population that lives around these mountains it forms a much-loved and incredibly valuable natural area and a great privilege to enjoy. Collserola is a well-preserved natural area – 22 times bigger than Central Park in New York. Though forest predominates it includes a variety of other plant formations that provide a habitat for valuable biological diversity as well.

Panoramic view over Barcelona as seen from the Tibidabo mountain range

Monastery of Montserrat

On a good day you can even see as far as the Monastery of Montserrat which is about 50km away from Barcelona. It is a recommendable day trip to go to the monastery. If you are interested – leave in the morning so that you can also enjoy the famous Boys´Choir that sings every weekday at 13.00h. If you like hiking it is an ideal spot to spend a couple of hours extra on top of the iconic mountain. In Barcelona you can easily buy a train ticket at the station of Plaza España.

In the back you can see the Monastery of Montserrat
Telecom Tower of Barcelona – Well kept secret: You can go up with a glass lift for little money


Discover medieval chapels along the way to Sant Cugat
The church on top of Tibidabo hill as seen from the natural park of Collserola

What to do in Barcelona: Escape the crowds in Sant Cugat

You will walk for about three hours to arrive to the city of Sant Cugat del Vallès. Do not expect to find a well prepared path to walk on. For a significant distance you will have to climb over roots and rocks with uneven ground. Only once we had to cross a street for the rest it was all quiet being in the nature. Most of the way we even did not come across anybody else.

This pine tree close to Sant Cugat is more than 200 years old: Pi d’en Xandri

Sant Cugat is known for being the home of many FC Barcelona soccer players. It has about 90.000 inhabitants. Its monastery was founded in the 9th century and is certainly worthwhile visiting.




Sant Cugat Restaurant Tip

After the three hours walk you may want to reward yourself with authentic tapas and home made sangria. We know the perfect spot: “El Celler d’en Medir” located off the Cathedral square on a little triangular square. The tapas are fantastic, the sangria is great and all for a very decent price.


Returning to Barcelona only takes 30 minutes by train from Sant Cugat to Plaza Catalunya. Do not forget to bring your T10 transportation pass. You will still be in zone 1 so the ticket price is really cheap.

Barcelona Day Trip Recommendation

The Barcelona Feeling is offering private tours and shared tours to Sant Cugat. Walk along the old Roman road and discover more than the usual. Learn more about the Barcelona Nature Walk.

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