Barcelona Wine Tour: Exclusive Cava & Chocolate – Top 3 Reviews

As tour guide I am always happy to read when customers had a great time. This is the highest compliment that I can receive. After a day trip with a busy schedule it makes you feel accomplished when all went smoothly, the logistics went well and everybody had fun. Let me share three great reviews with you:

Multi-experience trip to the suburbs of Barcelona in only one day

Anastasios, a passionate pastry chef from Greece, left a public review on AirBnB only yesterday: “While there are many tours to Barcelona, nothing would compare with the day trip to Sant Sadurni. In this picturesque town lies the real spirit of Catalonia and Christian is there to help you feel it! Firstly we visited a family run winery business. We walk through the different stages of wine making process, we talk to the employees of the company (even to the boss himself!) and we saw some of them working live on the premises! We were very lucky to have access even to the most hidden places of this unique establishment, like the old cellars. Then we relaxed at the sunny garden starting our cava tasting. The sparkling wines were amazing! Then we ate at a fabulous restaurant ( this lunch was probably one of the best meals I’ve had during my stay so far, at a very reasonable price). Our tour finished at the chocolate factory where we learned a lot about the chocolate and its history! We touched real cocoa pods, we saw the production line and of course we tasted a lot of chocolate!! Christian had every single detail of the tour well planned so the experience was smooth and entertaining. He managed to organise a multi experience trip to the suburbs of Barcelona to only one day tour so take advantage of it and enjoy it!”

“It’s an experience that had exceeded my expectation!”

This is how Gigi from Hongkong summarised her experience. She continues: “Christian’s very friendly and attentive and the tour was arranged in such a way that it’s both relaxing and fun. My mom and I had a most enjoyable day out filled with cava, chocolate and interesting conversations (not to mention the lunch that Christian suggested and arranged for us was also great!) The highlight of the day was during our visit to the cava cave we ran into the cave owner, and I was given the chance to learn to open a bottle of cava with a sabre, which was really an unexpected and memorable experience 🙂 Thanks Christian!”

“Amazing day! Cava, chocolate and a very knowledgeable tour guide who feels more like an old friend, it doesn’t get any better! “

Ali from Connecticut in the USA joined the tour last November with her friend: “Christian has access to a very old Cava House/Cellar and it was just so cool! We felt like VIP’s. After touring the cellars and watching them disgorge and cork the bottles we had a tasting in their beautiful garden . Great great Cava …and many options. We took advantage of the lunch add on and it was spectacular. Delicious and very reasonably priced. Then on to Simon Coll, chocolate chocolate chocolate! I wish I bought more. Very professional tour of their facility and generous tasting . Take this tour, we had a great time learned so much on this delicious day away from the city. Would give it 10 ?? if I could Thank you Christian!”

If you are interested in reading more reviews please check out the website of The Barcelona Feeling:

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Feel like Gaudí: Tour & Workshop

The Barcelona Feeling and Mosaiccos have created a truly unique experience: Feel like Gaudí. Get to know the greatest Catalan architect, Antoni Gaudí, and the modernism movement during a two hours walk. Have your hands-on workshop in Angelika Heinbach´s workshop Mosaiccos where you will create your personal souvenir in Gaudí´s technique called “trencadís”.

When Angelika and Christian met during an AirBnB host event they both found out that they share a common passion: Gaudí. So the idea came up to combine forces and create this new unique experience.

While Christian as experienced tour guide will take over the two hours walking tour, Angelika will host the hands-on experience in her workshop in the picturesque neighbourhood El Born.

Barcelona Private Tour Guide Christian 02

During the tour the participants will learn about the façades of the residential buildings Casa Mila and Casa Batlló on the grand boulevard of Passeig de Gracia. Questions like: “Why does the roof look like the back of a dragon?” will be answered by Christian. Walking down towards and strolling through the medieval neighbourhood of El Born the focus will be on additional modernism buildings such as the Palau de la Música or the Mercat de Born. During the whole walk you will not miss out on history and legends of Barcelona while discovering its labyrinth of small back alleys.

Feel like Gaudi 04

The walk will lead to Angelika Heinbach´s workshop, Mosaiccos, where participants will learn the revolutionary technique named “TRENCADÍS”. AYou will have found out during the walking tour that this technique can be found on all of Gaudí´s work: using materials such as shards of glass, ceramics or mirrors. After a short introduction Angelika will show the basics of the technique, the handling of the tools and how to create the first personal masterpiece of a Trencadís mosaic such as a photo frame, a coaster or a heart.

This Gaudí experience will leave everyone with an unforgettable memory and a unique reminder of their trip to Barcelona. Feel like Gaudí during this walking tour and the hands-on workshop.

Both Angelika and Christian are very excited about this unique offering in Barcelona.

About Angelika Heinbach and Christian Heide

Feel like Gaudi 05Angelika: „Originally from Germany, I have been living in Spain for 27 years. When I came to Barcelona, I was impressed by the works of Miró, Dalí, Picasso, and especially the genius of Antonio Gaudí. This made me specialising in the mosaic art and the Trencadís technique offering also classes in my workshop MOSAICCOS in the Born neighbourhood. In 2016 the Catalan President rewarded me with a master craftsman certificate for my skills and being an ambassador and promotor of cultural traditions.”

Barcelona Private Tour Guide Christian 01.jpg

Christian: „I left Germany 18 years ago. I am an experienced world traveller having visited 40 countries on all continents. When coming to Barcelona I developed a passion for its architecture, the rich history and the many legends that can be found all over the city. Turning my passion into a profession I became tour guide and founded THE BARCELONA FEELING, specialising in Gaudí, off-the-beaten-path and historic walking routes.”




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The church of Siurana

High on top of the mountain platform, you can find the church of Siurana from the 12th century. It was built in Romanesque style and is located just a few meters away from a 240 meters cliff.

It was officially mentioned in a papal document of 25 of March 1154. As already written in the last blog post (Hiking in Siurana), the village was of strategic importance with its castle on top to guard the surrounding area. With building a Christian church in Siurana the re-christianization of Catalonia was also completed.

Barcelona Private Tour Priorat 17

The medieval village of Siurana is absolutely picturesque. Nowadays only 35 people are living on top of this mountain plateau. It is only a 1,5 hours walk away from Cornudella de Montsant where you can easily park your car.

Barcelona Private Tour Priorat 18

In the far back you can see the reservoir, Riu Siurana, which only carried little water when we visited. The whole area is very popular among rock climbers from all over the world due to the many excellent climbing sites with a high degree of difficulty.

Barcelona Private Tour Priorat 10

Inside the church

Barcelona Private Tour Priorat 19

Barcelona Private Tour Priorat 12Barcelona Private Tour Priorat 14

Most of the windows are only cut into the wall. The church itself is made of precisely cut stones.

Barcelona Private Tour Priorat 16

Above the church portal you can find a semicircular tympanum showing the crucified Christ in its middle. On both sides of his head are the sun and moon as a sign of his universal rule and – as sovereign symbols – two lions. Below the stretched arms you will see the apostles.

Christian´s Ritual

Christian´s ritual is to light a candle in every new church he is visiting. See below what he has to tell.

Barcelona Private Tour Priorat 11Barcelona Private Tour Priorat 13

“One of my rituals is to light a candle when visiting a new church. Since my childhood I have been used to do that together with my grandmother, especially whilst on our many Italy holidays with the whole family.  She is 90 now and will soon come to Barcelona again where I am sure I will find another church where we both can light a candle as we did 30 years ago.”

Check out the The Barcelona Feeling:

Looking for an activity and things to do when visiting Barcelona?

Barcelona Nature Walk – Hike through the natural park of Collserola along the old Romand road

Olympic Barcelona – Climb on top of the Montjuic hill and discover its history and its significance as green lung of Barcelona

Wine Tour – Exclusive Cava & Chocolate. Discover how both fit perfectly together.

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Hiking in Siurana (Priorat)

During this summer we did a couple of out of town trips and discovered beautiful areas in Catalonia. As Michael read how amazing the Priorat area was supposed to be we decided to rent a car and drive there on a Saturday and find out on our own.

So about a 1:45 hours drive to the South of Barcelona, not too far from Tarragona, we arrived to the comarca (county) that is only scarcely populated. The region of about 500 square kilometres  (about 200 square miles) has only 9.500 inhabitants spread among 23 villages. So you can imagine that all of those villages are pretty small being the biggest with Falset (2.800 inhabitants). The region is especially known for its high quality wines certified under D.O.Q. Priorat and under D.O. Montsant. Also the olive oil production is important economic sector.

Barcelona Private Tour Priorat 07

I had found a wonderful aerial foto on the internet when researching where to go, so Siurana would be our final destination: a little village on the top of a mountain platform. As it was possible to hike up the mountain, we decided to leave the car in Cornudella de Montsant – 1:15 hours walking distance.

The walk led us through vinyards, a nearly empty reservoir, over hills and in the end up the old Moorish street to the little village.

Barcelona Private Tour Priorat 04

Barcelona Private Tour Priorat 03

Barcelona Private Tour Priorat 05

Barcelona Private Tour Priorat 02

Siurana is a village with a more than 1000 years history. Within its medieval boundaries only 30 people are actually living there. It used to be a strategic watch post with a castle on top for the whole area and also it was the last stronghold of the Moors before they were driven out of Catalonia about 800 years ago.

Barcelona Private Tour Priorat 09

Barcelona Private Tour Priorat 06

We had 3-course lunch in the middle of the village before we discovered the rest of Siurana like the church (see next blog post) and the amazing views around.

Barcelona Private Tour Priorat 01

This last foto shows the amazing panoramic view you can have in Siurana. The village is located on this platform on the rock. The cliff is about 300 meters. In the back you can see the reservoir which was quite empty. The rock formation in the back on the right is very popular among professional climbers. Priorat ranks among the best climbing areas in the whole world.

For wine lovers this is the perfect region. In every village you can tase and buy wine accompanied with food of you like. Priorat is the only other wine region next to La Rioja with a high quality label D.O.Q. –  Denominació d’Origen Qualificada. Its wine making history goes back as far as the 12th century!

We will certainly come back and stay a weekend in this beautiful region in the near future.

Interested in a wine tour? Contact us: The Barcelona Feeling – Private Guided Tours.

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Secret tip: The Crypt of Gaudí in Colonia Guëll

Only 25 minutes away by train from Barcelona you will encounter Colonia Guëll. The industrial magnate moved his major textile factory to their and had a village built for his workers. He engaged several renown architects among them Gaudí to build a residential area with a lot of amenities that were very progressive for that time such as a permanent doctor.

When visiting the village you will come across magnificent modernism buildings: from residential houses to the unfinished church of Gaud?. Only the lower nave was finished after Guëll stopped financing the project in 1914 and Gaudí focused on his top project: La Sagrada Familia.

Would you like to discover more of Gaudí? Check out the private tour of The Barcelona Feeling: Gaudí in a nutshell

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