Our Barcelona adventure and other travel stories


It is about time to mention a few more restaurants where we had really good food. Two of them even have a more local flair as they are not overrun by tourists. Arcano, Carrer dels Mercaders 10, 9, 08003 Barcelona The restaurant is located in a 17th century stable and has a very cosy atmosphere with its catacomb style rooms. It is in the middle of the chic Born neighbourhood. They serve… Read More

The night was long, the drinks were strong, we sang along, it did not feel wrong… Hungover we strolled aimlessly through Monastiraki the next day and managed to hop from one café to another. In the evening we met Nikos for dinner in Psiri before heading together to the Gazi nightlife again.

Time is passing quickly having a structured day. My Spanish is already improving again with four hours of classes per day. In the meantime we have celebrated La Mercé – the cities major festivities. Also we have discovered new restaurants and bars that are definitely to be recommended: Platja Ca La Nuri, Pg.Marítim de la Barceloneta (platja del Somorrostro) This is the perfect spot to have lunch or dinner on the beach…. Read More

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