Our Barcelona adventure and other travel stories

Wine region Catalonia

Catalonia as a wine region is especially famous for its Cava. In Germany Freixenet has become one of the most famous foreign brands for this sparkling wine. Other well known wineries are Codorníu or Torres. Our Catalan friend Bernat actually recommended us a different winery and brought us there: Adernats – Vinicola de Nulles. In the early 20th century – after that the phylloxera plague had devastated many grapevines – the wine making families of

3 great terraces in Barcelona

Today I have started my personal restaurant guide – check out the page! And while I am writing I am enjoying the view from my desk. I will add new entries to the guide as we try all the places. Restaurants with outside terrace / patio: Santaugustina, Plaça de Sant Agustí Vell, 9, 08003 Barcelona This is a lovely restaurant with a small terrace in the beautiful born area. The terrace is situated in a small

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